Beyond the Code

Hi! 👋
I'm Eduard, a passionate front-end developer and open source enthusiast.
My journey in tech is all about coding cool stuff and making the web a better place, one project at a time.
With a keen eye for design and a diverse skill set, I embrace challenges with enthusiasm and a passion for making contributions that truly make a difference.
My projects aren't just code; they reflect my commitment to a global tech community, creating user-friendly interfaces and open source tools.

Open Source Journey

My passion for open source started early, driven by a fascination with collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Over time, I've developed robust skills that have enabled me to make a significant contribution to the tech community.
Notable highlights of this journey have been my contributions to building the Techlore website and improving the Kiwi Browser project, where I've spent years providing tools, guides, extensions, scripts and solutions that have been appreciated by the community.
As an advocate of privacy and sharing, I offer all my projects free of ads, tracking cookies and unnecessary data collection.

Career Highlights

My professional journey began with freelance work in 2017, where I tackled diverse projects ranging from elegant e-commerce sites to dynamic blogs and engaging landing pages.
In 2022, I joined DNSFilter as a Software Engineer, a role that perfectly aligns with my values and aspirations.
Here at DNSFilter, a leader in cloud-based DNS filtering, I can help make the Internet safer and better, and continue to adapt and grow, driven by the goal of excelling in a company whose values reflect my own.

Community World

Outside of work, time permitting, my involvement in the open source community is still part of my life.
Balancing my own side projects with regular contributions to various open source initiatives, I continue to use my skills for the greater good.
As an active member of several communities, I enjoy giving back and extending my commitment to technology advancement and impact beyond my day-to-day work.