Hi there!👋
I'm Eduard, a passionate front-end developer with a love for open source and building tools that enhance the user experience. With a strong background in web development and a keen eye for design, I've been able to create and contribute to a number of successful open source projects that have been widely adopted by various communities around the world.

My passion for open source began at an early age, when I first discovered the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge. Since then, I've dedicated myself to ensuring my work looks amazing and performs well; I love building things from scratch without frameworks! When I started out, I was determined to be successful, and now I have developed some valuable skills and the experience needed to tackle bigger projects.

I started my careeer as a freelancer, and I've worked on many different websites, such as e-commerce stores, blogs, landing pages, and more. I know what it takes to create great-looking sites.

Currently, I work as a front-end developer at DNSFilter, a cloud-based DNS filtering platform intended to facilitate intelligent web content filtering. I work on a wide range of projects, from app dashboards to platform-specific applications. I am constantly learning and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices, which allows me to deliver high-quality work that meets the needs of my company.

In addition to my professional work, I am also an active member of the open-source community. In my free time, I regularly contribute to a number of open source projects while maintaining some of my own side-projects. I am passionate about using my skills to make a positive impact and am always looking for ways to give back to the community.